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Since 1997 Urban Sports Group has dedicated itself to providing an alternative experience for females in New York City. What started as a mere past time has tuned into a social movement of pride for our girls. USG (CIty Divas) softball program has become an institution where our players can hone their skills to become college ready participants. Urban Sports Group embraces individual differences and encourages the pursuit of perfection. We truly believe we hold the hands of our future!

Urban Sports Group memories

With over 26 championships, we are humble and realize that success comes from the support of the "total" team. Thanks to the parents, community, and sponsors that help us deliver this valuable service to our participants.


As with all walks of life we understand that teamwork is what makes the difference between winning and losing. One of our charter goals is to provide a framework that only succeeds through teamwork.


None of our accomplishments would have been possible without the support and cooperation of our communitiy that provide the fields for us to excel, the parents and coaches who go above and beyond to provide our players the social -emotional attention they need and deserve besides providing quality instruction to advance their athletic-skill sets.

Success vs Failure

The truth be told we have learned valuable lessons from every success and failure over the last 16 years. Success is good but we believe growth is bread from (coming up short) sometimes. Good is the enemy of great. We always strive to be great!


The Urban Sports Group is the epitomy of endurance, perseverance and success. If you've ever dreamed of being part of the best then you owe it to yourself to become part of our team, partner with us and experience what it means to be an USG City Diva!

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Success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your Excuses!