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What makes a good USG coach?

USG coaches understand that a coach is more than an elder on the field. A USG coach is a mentor, a teacher, a role model, a partner and a developer of character.

Our approach to coaching

USG coaches use a positive approach to everything we do creating teachable moments from victories and losses. We understand that the long-term welfare of our players is more important than our win/loss record on the field. USG coaches are commitment driven with a goal to reinforce traits like courage, honesty, team work and determination .

Why we succeed where others have failed?

Because we care!, our teams start at age 8 so its common for us to escort our players through their teens and into adult hood. Success for us is not bound to our win/loss record but the quality of the lessons we've shared with our players and how those lessons are manifested in our players lives off the field. Our measuring stick is "have we had a positive affect on the life of our players"?.

Special Thanks...

USG pays tribute to those coaches who have partnered with us over the years to reinforce our coaching standard. If they coached for a game, a season or have been here since the beginning we say to you "Thank You".

USG Honorary Coaches

Danny Andriach, Mike Gillfillan, Manny Garcia, Ben Acevedo, Joseph Rios, Robert Diaz and Luis Enchautequi

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