Our Mission

To create sports and educational opportunities that supports the academic and athletic aspirations of young at-risk female student-athletes residing in New York City.

Who is Urban Sports Group?

Urban Sports Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Urban Sports Group is committed to enhancing the quality of life of young student-athletes. We develop well-balanced structured sports programs for females ages 8-19 years of age. Our programs are designed to teach basic life skills through athletics. Sports programs are structured to provide a proper blend of academic, athletic, and social development while having fun.

We take a fundamental approach to reaching our participants:
Diva Recipe: Put in some Hard Work, add Determination, sprinkle in a Lot Of Fun and you get a nice dish of Successful Results.

Our Purpose

Our programs promote, support and focus on the growth and development of our participants who might be economically, recreationally, or socially disadvantaged. Our programs will teach positive life skills through sports. This development ensures a strong foundation for success for our players. Our players realize the benefits of an academic consciousness, healthy lifestyle, and heightened self-esteem.


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